Monday, June 29, 2009

It's all falling into place..

I'm quickly becoming accustomed to the crazy driving here in LA and am becoming more comfortable on the roads. Except, today I learned that whenever parking on the side of the street you must be aware of that streets "street cleaning day". Because if you park there and it's street cleaning day...then apparently you get a ticket. I found out the hard way today. 

I adore my little house and think that I finally have everything in place and am getting settled. 
The first pictures is part of the backyard of my house- My guest house is on the left and the main house is on the right..I have my own entrance to the back yard, which entails going through two big gates.  In the picture above the building shown is my two story guest house. In front of it is my outdoor living room/cabana. My two front doors are big and all glass, and a perfect opening into the outdoor living room and gardens. The following picture was taken from my entrance, looking to the left of the cabana. The house shown is the main house that is in front of my guesthouse.
Once inside you walk into the kitchen. To the right is a large bathroom and to the left is the stairway... underneath the stairway is a cozy desk "nook" as seen in the above picture. The next picture was taken while walking up the stairs and looking down into the kitchen.

Upstairs is my bedroom. My window, which I leave ope 24/7- the weather is perfect and I don't ever use the air conditioner-  looks out into the gardens and even has a window box on it so that I can plant flowers. Unlike in Texas, everything grows and stays pretty here!
My room is full of picture frames, antiques, and lots and lots of flowers, flower prints, and lace. These pictures don't hardly do the room or the colors in it justice. During the day the sunlight shines through and the breeze is perfect. 

Today I spent the afternoon walking Robertson blvd. and drooling over amazing shoes and beautiful dresses in the designer boutiques. Tomorrow is the second to last full day that my parents will be in town with me...we'll be spending the day at a taping of my dad and I's favorite show- The Price Is Right. Together we've watched it religiously for years and are hopeful of making it on to the show!


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