Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nothing's gonna stop me now, California here we come.

My mom and I made the 22 hour trip from Texas to Los Angeles in one day, non stop! Our original plan of dividing the trek into three days was quickly nixed once we realized how wired and awake we were. We were just too excited and anxious to get there to stop. Mom drove the first 11 hours and I finished the last 11...We arrived around 2:00 am on Thursday.
Exhausted upon our arrival we checked in to our hotel and slept until 1:00pm. Later that day we went to the guesthouse that I'll be living in, where we met the man and adorable little boy that live in the main house. I immediately fell in love with my guesthouse- it's surrounded by beautiful gardens, a fountain and cabana, and is just the perfect size. The neighborhood is lovely and is in the most perfect location. The past two days have been filled with getting settled, buying household items, groceries, driving around while familiarizing myself more with the city, and being so grateful for this wonderful opportunity and life that I'll be living!

Pictures to come soon :) xox.

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