Thursday, September 10, 2009

Once again, i've failed terribly at updating this. I've been so so so busy this past month. I began working at Betsey Johnson once again. When I first moved out here I was unable to transfer from my Austin Betsey store to one in LA due to payroll hours and scheduling. However, this past month some shifts opened back up and I'm back with the lovely company again. The week that I was re-hired was also Betsey's birthday week. She made the trip out here to LA and celebrated at our Melrose location!

Betsey's party was so fabulous and she was as sweet and cute as ever! Then on the side of working at Betsey, I'm still doing freelance assistant styling work. Which has all been falling into place quite well. It's amazing how networking and marketing yourself really can work and how the people you meet and connect with really impact future jobs and work relationships.

I'll get a nice and much needed break from Los Angeles at the beginning of October when I go back to Austin for a few days for the Austin City Limits music festival :)

I'll get better about updating soon. xox.

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