Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's been almost four months since I've revisited this blog. It's neat to re read and skim through older entries and see my perception of this city grow and develop over time. As of the other day, I've lived in Los Angeles for seven months... and what a seven months it has been. But the amount of months is merely just a number to's the number of experiences, downfalls, opportunities and the things that I have seen in seven months that blows me away. Since the last time I wrote, I visited home for the first time to attend my 7th Austin City Limits Music Festival...

And while it rained the whole time and I left Austin terribly sick- it was an incredible weekend spent surrounded with good music and great people. I returned back to Los Angeles refreshed, revived, ready and eager to go back to work and continue my life in LA!

A few weeks after my trip to Austin, my two dear friends Allison and Kelly flew out to spend a long weekend with me...

That weekend we rode bikes from Venice to Santa Monica, explored the Hollywood sign and the Sunset strip, went to the infamous hair salon that Britney Spears shaved her head at, shopped and ate a lot, laughed a lot, danced a lot and some how all ended up with new ear piercing and I got a second tattoo.. It was a weekend to remember!

It was a few weeks later that I decided to move from my little guest house in Hollywood to an area in the hills outside of Santa Monica called Brentwood. This quaint place was closer work, had a view of the ocean, and a lovely small town and friendly feel. So, the month of November was spent packing and transporting my stuff from one side of the city to the other. I have no idea how I moved everything from Texas to California in my little car in 2 days...but yet it took me almost two weeks to get every thing moved just down to the coast. Buuuut long story short-I lived there a few months and then ended up moving again.. Long story. Anyway, I fell in love with a little studio guest house in Beverly Hills over looking the whole city and canyon which is where I live now.

Above is a picture that my mom took of me leaving my new place...I haven't had a chance to take any pictures but will be sure to post some tomorrow! The studio is lovely though. While it's a much smaller space than I was previously living in, my furniture fits in nicely and It has a homey, comfortable feel. It's so nice to actually look forward to coming to home in the evening and to feel as though you never want to leave.

The parties and people i've seen and met make me giggle and keep me entertained... I never thought i'd be actually living this "dream" that I had all of my life. And I never thought I'd go from looking at hollywood stars in OK magazine to looking at them from across the room, ha! I can't wait to have more time to write about about the events of the past months... I wish I had the time and energy to recap on my first Christmas by myself, my trip for New Years in Austin, and more about the things I've been doing, work, people, and places I've gone but I'm exhausted and want nothing more to finish my dinner, watch a sappy lifetime movie and go to sleep. One of these days I'll post about the more lighter and happy things, my new friends, pictures of this beautiful city, and further discussion of some of the lessons and things I've learned since I moved out here on my own....oyvey.



  1. Oh Becky I just love reading your blog! I miss you and our DECA crew dearly, I can't wait for your next post-I wanna hear all about your work! Also these parties thrown at your house that are attended by Hollywood's elite-PLEASE elaborate! :) Oh ya I have a blog too, you should check it out! Remember when we were younger and we all had Livejournals? Haha oh lord, funny times.

  2. Hey, has anyone ever told you that you are the luckiest girl in the world? Other people have to go to college for years and work really hard and get an education just so they can actually get a decent job for a living, they study and work for decades to get something that you already have handed to you! You have rich parents who buy you nice new shiny convertibles and houses in LA so you don't have to do anything yourself!!! (I don't consider working a minimum wage job at a clothing store that high school kids do anything) and you parade all over the internet and Facebook how cool it is and make it seem like you actually deserve that stuff but really you don't deserve shit because you don't do shit! and you don't even take advantage of all your parents money from what it looks like all you do in LA is sit around Betsey Johnson and take pictures of yourself and your co-workers in all the clothes! really you gave up all your friends in Austin and accomplishing something yourself in your life and college so you could be "cool" and move to LA and have no friends and no life (I am saying this because you post several pictures of your "life in LA" and they are all the same, you in all those dresses, month, after month, after month. Doesn't look like much of a life to me!) I probably sound jealous, WELL I AM! People like me have to go to college and work so hard and still probably will never have enough money to move to the most expensive city in the country and buy a house... lol "my old car was getting old, so daddy decided to buy me a new one!!! its the same one, just newer!!!" and you dyed your hair bleach bottle blonde so you could fit in with all the LA girls but you still will never be an LA girl you're too lame and have no life there. GO BACK TO AUSTIN! wtf are you thinking? You are so fake dropping all these celebrity names all over facebook cause you think it makes you sound cool well guess what you didn't work for any of it and you totally don't deserve it! AND YOU KNOW IT! You spoiled little fake brat. I AM SO FUCKING JEALOUS! well I am going to go back to studying now so hopefully I can earn myself a good life and buy a house and a nice new car some day. Do yourself a favor and stop lying to yourself, move back to Austin. You don't fit in in LA, unless you want to become a pornstar or something, then it's okay. I hope one day you see how hard it is to actually work for something. God you're fucking lucky.

    P.S. just read the comment above. I was wondering why you don't post any pictures of all the cool things you say you do like have parties attended by hollywoods elite or any of that. The only life in LA you show us is you playing dress up at work. Then you probably go home and get on your computer and make up all this cool stuff you're doing. Let's see some pictures of all the Elite parties you're going to or all the freelance design work you're doing, oh yeah, it's BULLSHIT! lol if I had my parents money like that and a free house and car man I'd tear that city up! I guess you're too lame or something. Not fair.

    I'm still jealous.

  3. (Part one)

    Hello Deshon. I do not know you, nor do I care to know you... But I'm astonished that anyone has that much time to speak so disrespectfully about a strangers life. You seem to think that you know a lot about me though.. However, I'd like to give you some insight on my life and the truths about it and clear up your assumptions that you have made. I cannot believe that I'm about to spend time writing this to such an ignorant human, but I hope that this can help you learn that you should not judge a person based on a few words or pictures. A lesson that apparently is learned later in life for some...

    Firstly, you are right- I am a lucky girl. And not a day goes by where I am not so incredibly thankful and grateful for this life that I have. I would not be here today if it were not for my two wonderful parents. I was actually adopted by them when I was younger.. So yes, I was lucky. I was chosen by a very caring and supportive couple. However, they are by no means rich. My father had a career in the military, then was a construction worker and home contractor. He now suffers from significant arthritis, shoulder and back problems and this past month had a heart attack, which resulted in him now no longer being able to have a job and is now retired. Just like my dad, my mother has worked hard her whole life to support our family. I, too have worked hard to support MYSELF. I began working at Betsey Johnson at the age of 15 because I HAD to have a job. SInce the age of 15 I have been strongly financially independent with none to very little help from what you call my "rich parents". Not because they didn't want to buy my things- but because they simply do not have the money to do so. As of moving to Los Angeles, I still pay for everything by myself, including my rent and bills. And actually, my job is not minimum wage. Instead, for the past 3 years I have been honored to work for a wonderful company that pays based on performance and sales.

  4. (part 2)
    Anyways, as far as the car remark- my previous car was over 10 years old. The day before I was suppose to move it completely broke down. I don't know of any parents that would be okay with their young daughter moving to Los Angeles with an unreliable form of transportation. And, with all of the repairs it would need and inevitable future breakdowns- it would cost too much. Luckily, I was taught how to save my money for "a rainy day". So, when this car situation arose, I was able to aid my parents in purchasing a new car once we traded the other one in. As far as the house- rent, of course, is expensive. Now, when one pays rent to their landlord they will never get that money back, considering that property is not theres. However, when you own property you will more than likely get that money back and hopefully make a profit off of it when you go to sell it in the future.. In our recent and continuous economic downfall, it is a buyers market and I have no doubt in my mind, when I choose to sell whatever I own, I will make money off of it. Now, since my parents are not rich and to your disbelief, do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars just laying around, I will be making monthly payments on the home. Clearly, this is an investment and a smart business move on their end. You claim that I don't take advantage of my parents money- well, there is no money to take advantage of. And if there was, I would still choose my current life style of being financially independent and earning my own living over having to rely on others any day. Now, have I cleared up your financial misconceptions?

    You bring up college- I suppose that you chose to attend college? Good for you, and I applaud you for doing so. The majority of society drills it into our heads that college is the only thing to pursuit after highscool. I think that college is a wonderful thing for some people..however, it was not right for me. I have never enjoyed classroom settings or being taught from a textbook. I do most definitely love to learn and take pride in teaching myself and learning from hands on experience. In the past 12 years of schooling I have never once found myself benefiting from or enjoying school. I have gained so much more knowledge and appreciation for learning outside of the classroom. I believe that a college education certainly helps in most career fields, but that doesn't prove to be the case for all occupations and industries- The fashion industry being one of them. I am by nature an incredibly creative and imaginative individual with a vast passion for fine arts. Spending the time and money (that i do not have) on a higher level education would not prove beneficial for the career fields that would make me happy.

  5. (part 3)
    You say that I moved out here to "be cool". I'm sorry but I don't even know what "cool" is. I moved out here for an adventure, to become [even more] independent and to experience new people, culture, places, and things. I left all of my comforts and familiarity of Austin and bravely ventured to a new city not knowing anyone or anything. I have endured more downfalls here then I could ever imagine, but I have learned and grown from each. You go on to speak about how I don't post pictures of "cool things" or "la life". I don't know what you expect. I work over 40 hours a week at betsey and on my two days off I am generally doing wardrobe on a set. When I'm not focussing on my career- I spend time exploring this huge city. I'm often down at the beach, seeing live shows, hiking through the canyons, practicing yoga, or grabbing dinner or coffee with a friend. And yes, I do have friends. I'm in the fashion/film industry so it's inevitable to get invited to events and that "celebrities" are my clients. I, however, respect peoples privacy and do not feel the need to run around with a camera or talking about them online so that strangers like yourself believe me. As far as my freelance jobs- I'm proud of my work but I do not feel the need to post pictures of my styling. I mean, I suppose if you're that interested in wardrobe styling, feel free to check out Heidi Montags cd album art, recent photoshoots with the 90210 cast or Wanda Sykes, AARP commercials and the Sundance short film "under God" name a few. I was either the intern or assistant wardrobe stylist. So, I'm sorry I'm not more entertaining and don't choose to "tear up" the city. I'll be the first one to admit that I prefer a quiet evening rather than going out. I had to laugh a little at your blonde comment- I've actually been blonde since I was a Sophomore in highschool. And was the pornstar comment really necessary? Could you get anymore disrespectful? For the record, I have never wanted to "fit in" nor have I. I've always done things differently and had a different mindset than others.

    I'm sorry that you're jealous of my life that you seem to think is so easy and perfect. But trust me when I tell you I have never had anything handed to me. You are completely unaware of events in my past and personal problems and situations. It's because I'm a determined, level headed, ambitious and passionate young woman that has such a great love and appreciation for life that I have been able to follow my dreams and be on the path to making them come true. I hope that you never take a day of your life for granted and that you appreciate what you do have.