Wednesday, March 31, 2010

grow some big feet, holes in history is where you'll find me..

I have never forgotten about this blog, and am constantly full of thoughts and things to write about- I'm just simply lazy and make up excuses to not sit down and write, when in reality I have more than enough time to update now and then. I don't know who, if anyone (besides my mother...) even reads this. But anyway, I'm sitting here listening to the Where The Wild Things Are soundtrack, eating terrible (and cold) brown rice and tofu, ready and eager to being the month of April. It's hard to believe that at the end of April I will have lived in this city for 10 months. I celebrated my 9 month "anniversary" last week with an old friend of mine (who thank god recently moved to Los Angeles..) at a lovely italian restaurant- Micheli's.. It is a true gem in the midst of the craziness in Hollywood that we stumbled upon while roaming aimlessly.
Near the end of my last year in highschool, while everyone was working away on college essays and trading congratulations with one another when the acceptance letters began to roll in- I told everyone I was moving to Los Angeles just to "take a year off."  Those that know me well knew just as well as I did that a year wasn't all it was going to be. That year has almost come to an end, and I can confidently say there will be many more "years off" to come. And regardless of conflicting thoughts and opinions on my decision, I'm certain it's the best one for me. Based on often comments and questions- I'm beginning to think that a lot of people thought I just came to California, got on a sailboat and spend everyday drinking fruity mixed drinks and whale watching or something and eventually would make my way to college or back to Texas. However, I'll be staying here in LA. Austin will always be my 'home town'- but Los Angeles is now my home. I've had quite the successful past nine months and have made the commitment to live here long term and continue the success. I'm very fortunate and thankful to my parents who have given me the opportunity to now say that in the next few months or so I'll own a small house or condo here. It's an exciting and big step! It'll be nice to have somewhere so permanent to live in, a sense of stability if you will... 

While it might be nice to watch the waves, sea life, and sip pina colodas while basking in the sun everyday (no really...I'm convinced a handful of people think that's all I'm out here to do) I in fact still work full time at Betsey Johnson and am going on my fourth year with the company, happily growing and developing with it.  I have a love for styling, for the company and Betsey herself, my wonderful clients, fellow staff, and an even deeper love and passion for helping young girls and woman of all ages feel beautiful and bring a little bit of joy to others. I'm still dabbling in side styling projects for tv, print, and film and hope to continue to have those opportunities!
This city is magical. I'm convinced that at times there's fairy dust or something sprinkled down on it. It never fails to amaze me how on a clear day I can look to the west and see the ocean, and turn my head to the east and see snow capped mountains. It's on my days off from work that I appreciate the city and the energy and inspiration that it projects the most- I have time to drive around and explore, people watch, and take in each moment..whether it be the sound of waves crashing against the rocks while a drum circle forms on the beach as the sun sets, the echos of laughter in the canyons, the tranquility of free yoga in the park, the hustling of those rushing around grand central station and downtown, the lights and billboards on Sunset Blvd, the smell of the food and flowers surrounding Aroma and Urth Cafe, the amazing and detailed architecture, live music being played from roof tops and venues, or the tourists in awe of the sights in Hollywood.  I can't begin to describe the amount of growing and learning I've done in the past nine months while living out here alone. I've gained a new perspective on life, it's complexities and luxuries, new insight on myself and my purpose, opinions and desires. I've come to learn about myself, my faults, my strengths, and while it continues to be an interesting journey, there's no doubt that it will be a rewarding one. This is a city of dreams and dreamers, and I'm one of them.

Above is the view from a hiking trail- Runyon Canyon. I frequently go there to walk and kicks my ass every time. 

Today I went and sat at the bench Tom claims to be his 'favorite spot' in 500 days of summer. The picture above is the view from it...


  1. remember grand central station - new york.... union station - la... not that you would ever have to ride the train your daddy makes sure of that!

  2. Yep, you're right. The Grand Central Market is actually right by Union Station. Clearly I wasn't thinking and combined the two places.