Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drunk on the wine of love for thee...Love all, serve all, and create no sorrow.

Holy toledo, I've lived here over a year now! 
Some days it feels as though I just moved here a month ago, other days if seems like I've been here for years and years.  I couldn't be any more pleased with my decision to move to Los Angeles. And I'm confident in my decision of making a commitment to stay in this city for many more years to come. I move into my condo in just 10 days, and began the tedious packing process this morning. I can't wait to renovate, decorate, and make the place my own. After moving from guest house to guest house throughout the past year, it'll be a pleasant change to finally have a permanent living situation that is entirely my own. It's a cute little condo that I know I will be really happy in. I'm so eager to live, create, dream, grow and settle there. 

The past three months- since I last updated have been a whirlwind. Two weeks into April I found myself back in Austin, sleeping at the edge of a hospital bed next to my dad who had had a heart attack. I left work, packed, drove, and jumped on the next flight to Austin within an hour of finding out. I extended my stay day after day as complications continued to arise and flew home once everything stabilized, he was comfortable at home, and I had some peace of mind. Situations like that really awaken you; helping you to realize that there are so many un-expectancies that life can throw at you at any time, remind you to appreciate your life, loved ones, and to never take anything for granted.  
May was spent continuing searching for a condo, re-connecting/getting back in touch with old friends from Austin, filming a reality tv-show, and becoming best friends with the gym. At the end of May my dear dear friend Jennifer came to visit me. She was the first to jump on a plane when I moved to LA and helped me get settled in and comfortable. Here she was again-a year later, ready to celebrate our birthdays and my one year anniversary of moving here :) We had an absolute blast and such a memorable week. 

A few days after Jen left my parents drove out to Los Angeles. The condo search was extremely exhausting for my parents and I... They were in California for almost a month- spending half of the time here in LA, and the remainder up in San Francisco with my Grandma. I took a spontaneous road trip to SF for a quick 48 hours to see the three of them. San Francisco has always been one of my favorite places to go and I've been lucky to experience the city with 3 different friends on separate occasions over the past few years. This time I explored on my own! 

I've been working working working like crazy, still assistant managing my lovely "pink palace"...I'm so grateful to work somewhere that I don't mind spending more time at than I spend at my own home. I think I'll always be somewhat of a work-a-holic, perfectionist, and not be able to leave until every little thing is finished. 
But when I'm not styling our clients in layered dresses, sparkly heels, lots of jewels and making them bust out a few ridiculous dance moves with me, twirl around, and feel amazing... I've been enjoying kickboxing, yoga on the beach, vintage shopping, late nights with friends, collecting home decorating inspiration, dreaming up ideas of things I want to do/accomplish, and making plans to execute those ideas and make those dreams happen.... Here's to another amazing, exciting, and eventful year in Los Angeles.   


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