Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stare empty at a wall and make it try to sing along...carry on, I carry on.

I did it again! I moved! 5th time in a year--but I'm here to stay. No more being a nomad.

Mom and I below during the move-in process. There was no way I could have done it alone...
Phone pictures will hardly do this place justice. For someone who was previously living in small studios and guest houses- Having a real 'home' with actual rooms and a real kitchen is a big deal! It's a whole new and exciting concept to me to have a living space that I enjoying 'dressing'. I think I might even be loving 'dressing' my home more than myself...for now at least. Every thing so far has been found on craigslist, garage/estate sales, flea markets and vintage stores, gifted, or thrifted. I've refurbished and repainted most items.... I'll soon post better pictures of everything and the whole place. For once, I'm finding myself more prone to spending money on decor and furniture than new clothing. And purchasing home magazines instead of fashion magazines...whaaaat?! I never thought I'd see the day that I get more thrilled walking into Bed Bath & Beyond than into a clothing boutique. 

The best addition to my new home/life has been Polly! My new 8 week year old kitten, rescued and given to me last week by a wonderful client. She's named after my ridiculous and ever growing Betsey Johnson Polly heel collection...naturally.

Again- cell phone pictures don't do anything justice. But the little lady has big blue eyes and pretty grey fur. She adapted quickly and is the most lovable little ball of energy and companion. She purrs constantly, loves to cuddle while sleeping, and wakes me up with kisses.

Since last posting I popped into Austin for a quick less than 72 hour trip. I managed to squeeze in lots of good conversations and lunch with my dear friend Crawford... I layed out by the pool and enjoyed my backyard that I had missed so much, saw my best friend Jennifer, had a great night with my "sex and the city" ladies, and hosted a wonderful party honoring a terrific former teacher and friend- Ms. Vowell. 

But as of lately--for the first time in the last year, life has been rather routine. Most weeks are filled with lots and lots of working and plenty of time enjoying this beautiful, soon to be fall weather. I haven't used my air conditioner even once since living here.

I'll be returning back to Austin for a few days next month for my 8th Austin City Limits music festival... And then, we'll see what Fall has in store! 

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