Sunday, July 5, 2009

Girls in the hills, go day trippin'

I can't get over how beautiful everything here is. It makes me so happy to turn onto my street and drive amongst all of these palm trees! 

Jennifer came in Thursday night and we had a wonderful weekend-- Friday we walked the streets of Venice Beach, met and hung out with some locals, and of course spent way too much money in the shops and street vendors.

For the fourth of July we decided to drive to Malibu where we spent the day laying out on the beach while enjoying the sun, beautiful breeze, and had fun splashing in the ocean and rolling around in and playing in the sand. Our intention was to stay until the fireworks- but 4 hours into our day at the beach we realized we were getting terrible sunburns. 

On our way back home when driving through Bel Air, we noticed a MJ memorial and people crowding around a street corner.  We turned onto the street and realized it was Michael's home that he was renting out. It was surrounded by security and the lawn was covered in items left by fans. 

The rest of our evening was spent complaining about our sunburns, walking along the craziness of Hollywood blvd, and driving with the top down, and music up loud on the Sunset strip and Santa Monica blvd. Jen's flight left early this morning, leaving me the rest of the day to clean my house and recuperate from an exciting and tiring weekend. I can't wait to see what this coming week brings. 


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