Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where the seasons never change, where all around the world they're all looking to L.A....

I had promised myself that I would stick to this blogging thing and update it regularly- I was doing pretty good up until this past week! It was a full week packed with interviews, meetings, and decisions as to where exactly I want to work and what will benefit my career goals the most. I've continued to enjoy driving around aimlessly, discovering new places and great areas..and of course getting lost along the way. I've driven the coast quite a bit, and it never gets old.
There's just something about the beach and the ocean that makes me so happy. I could spend the whole day laying out there- people watching, reading, taking pictures, thinking...anything.
The  flowers in this city never cease to amaze me. Everything here is always blooming and so gorgeous. And the palm trees are so great, too! 
I went to the roxy again the other evening for a show.. After questioning what the line was for and why hardly no one was getting in it seems as though the security/bouncers felt kind of bad for me once they heard that I just moved here, don't really know anyone, and was out by myself. So, instead of waiting in the long line only to get told "no you can't get in because you aren't on the list or have a vip wristband"- one of them took me around the back door and let me through. :) I've become quite the regular at Yogurt Land- It's like the Yogurt Planet back home in Texas. It's so delicious, almost healthy, relatively cheap, and just a couple of streets away from my house!
I miss my friends a lot and I really hope that they haven't forgotten about me. Luckily, my friend Lauren is coming to Disneyland with her family next week. So, I'll be driving to Anaheim on Tuesday to spend the day riding the spinning tea cups and splash mountain with her!- it'll be nice to see a familiar face. I'm now off to take the trash out...I forgot to last week, eww.. and then to pick up some dinner at the delicious sushi restaurant around the corner from my house.

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