Saturday, July 25, 2009

you’re desperate in finding something else to please you, you've been searching your whole life

I've been so terribly busy with friends in from out of town and a new job that I haven't had a minute to sit down and post! Thursday marked my 1 month anniversary of living here :) I celebrated with myself by going out to get a milkshake from Millions of Milkshakes on Santa Monica blvd..too bad I ended up stuck in chaos caused by a million paparazzi going crazy over Lindsey Lohan walking out of the place. I couldn't even park let alone get in the milkshake shop because of the commotion and craziness! Anyway, Tuesday my friend Lauren from back home in Texas was in Anaheim with her family for a week at Disneyland. So, I drove up there and we spent the day riding the rides and catching up with her!
The drenched shirt and shorts are all thanks to Splash Mountain...haha. Then on the following day, my best friend since we were two years old and her family..who are practically like my second family were in Los Angeles! I spent the beautiful day with them out by their hotel pool and at a very exciting Dodgers game. It was so wonderful to see them and it was such a fun day!

For the past week I've been enjoying a great new job full of exciting opportunities and I am anxious for some of the things that are soon to come.. :) :) 
This week is the first week I really have felt like an adult and "grown up"..I actually have a stack of bills that I need to pay and a "to do" list that is far too overwhelming! 


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