Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lazy days in Los Angeles..walkin' through Malibu, not a thing to do

One of my favorite things to do whenever I would visit LA was to drive to Venice beach and then drive the coast road through Santa Monica and then to Malibu. It hasn't hit me yet that I can now do that whenever I want! Yesterday my mom, dad, and I drove to Malibu and then up through the hills and cliffs looking down on the beautiful ocean. It's so nice to be able to be in the heart of the city but then just have to drive 25 minutes to reach the tranquil beach and ocean.

I think that everyone that I have talked to back in Texas since moving here has been interested to know if I've seen all of the Michael Jackson craziness. Less than 24 hours after his death buildings and billboards were painted all over the city in remembrance of him. I did drive down Hollywood Blvd. on Friday... I have never seen so many people crowded around one area before. The sidewalks and street were packed of people, young and old, gathering near his star. Some were selling t-shirts with Michael's face and quotes from his hits on them. There were those wearing all black, some crying, and even a few people were dressed up as him. There were soo many police trying to control the chaos and what seemed like hundreds of news trucks and media trying to capture the pandemonium and the grieving of those present. 

This evening my parents leave- and then I really am on my own. Their flight leaves at 8:00 but then my dear friend Jennifer lands at 9:00 and will stay with me over the Holiday weekend- I'm so happy that I'll have someone to spend the 4th of July with and a friend here to explore the city with me! 

The cable guy is here now trying to install a satellite dish so that I'll finally be able to have a working tv to fall asleep to. :) Once he is finished I'll be able to go out and complete all of my house shopping with my parents, buy some fresh flowers, and get some groceries for Jen and I. 

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